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Wedding Ceremony Trends 2023

As a Wedding Celebrant and Stylist, this is really just for fun and it is quite interesting to see what trends are out there. Ultimately, you do YOU. Let’s take a look at what trends are showing for the Ceremony in 2023.


Well to be fair, this has always been a thing for a celebrant wedding! Before the venues managed to secure outdoor licensing without a solid structure, we used to do most of our celebrant weddings outside. More and more couples are realising though, having a celebrant wedding is not just about not having a licensed area but ALL about the personalisation and relaxed vibes. Do not feel put off if your venue pushes a registrar wedding – I think it is because it’s what they know! But we know better, don’t we??!


No more inviting your aunt’s cousin twice removed! We are seeing a shift in couples inviting the friends and family that are most important in their lives, I for one as SO here for this and an intimate, heartfelt ceremony. YES PLEASE!


Now I am so here for this! A gorgeous sunset, with that stunning light. However, let’s get real if you are thinking of getting married here in the UK! I solved this issue at my own wedding ceremony [Celebrant led OVBVS!] by having a faux twilight indoors! Curtains closed and millions of twinkling lights and flickering candles. Do remember that with a celebrant led wedding, we are not beholden to times so you could have it at midnight if you wish! [And your celebrant is a night owl]


Going for a smaller bridal party is very intimate and can be more relaxing on the morning of the wedding. I am also seeing mixed genders making up the party which is not only inclusive but way more fun!

Another trend I can see is mixing up the roles and going for something different.

Always ahead of the trend, ha! At my wedding my stepson was the Best Man – and it was lovely! He read a cute poem suggested by our celebrant and it was wonderful.


Always a lovely idea and something I can help with! Launching spring 2023, my DIY ceremony scripts and guidelines. From inclusive scripts and readings to a high level HOW TO, I will be offering these to buy on the site to give your ceremony a seamless professional feel.


I saw a high demand for these in 2022, specifically the rose ceremony. It’s a gorgeous symbolic ceremony which is incorporated in. It involves inviting friends and family up to the front and adding roses to a vase. Find out more about symbolic ceremonies HERE. The candle lighting ceremony is ever popular as well, but how about making a new one just for you?! Back In 2019 a couple opted for a shot of tequila and a huge CHEERS!

Of course, the bottom line is that it is YOUR ceremony and the beauty of having a celebrant led one is that you can really DO YOU!

If you are wondering about having a celebrant led wedding, go HERE to read more.


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