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Engaged? Now What?!

Engaged? What now?

As a Kent based Wedding celebrant not surprisingly now is the time I receive most of my enquiries!

Are you one of the lucky couples who got engaged over the festive season??! Congratulations!! According to the web, 19% of couples choose Christmas time to get engaged, and a whopping 40% of you lovelies get engaged from November to February – Hoorah for Valentines Day!!

Here are my 5 top tips of what to do next AFTER you have spent sufficient time in your newly engaged bubble with family and friends and of course each other.


I know this is tricky to work out when you may not have a clue how much things cost. I would suggest you work out how much you can afford, will family be helping? And work things out in a percentage way. Try to focus on what is important to YOU, is it the venue? The dress? The décor? Prioritising is a great way to start the exciting planning.


Once you have a clearer idea on the budget, you can then start planning in earnest! Onto the venue hunt. Sit down together and work out what vibe you are going for – relaxed/formal, indoor/outdoor and start to pull together a list of suitable venues. Once you have narrowed it down to say 10, start really investigating what they offer, is there enough space? Will it work with the vibe? What are their restrictions? Once this is done, plan on visiting – I would suggest 3-5, anymore and it gets really confusing, especially in the initial planning stage.


Once the venue is selected, you will now need to book your ceremony! If you are wanting a civil ceremony you will need to contact the registrar in the region that the venue is located. Or maybe you fancy a bespoke, fun ceremony with a celebrant?? Ahem! I can highly recommend these 😊


Next job is to find suitable suppliers, could family and friends help? [Note; If you are wanting a family member to bake your cake, please do check with the venue that it is allowed] A great way to find suppliers is to look at the Instagram accounts of well-established wedding planners and venues, note who they have worked with lots. Do ask your venue for their recommended suppliers list as well.


One thing I am a huge fan of, are details! All those thoughtful touches that make your wedding YOURS. Personal touches and handmade items really bring a gorgeous atmosphere to the day – make sure you plan these makes in and not leave them until the last minute [um. Speaking from experience!]

Are you wondering if you should have a celebrant ceremony? Go HERE to find out what it’s all about!!


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