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5 Tips on How to Write your Wedding Vows

Writing your own wedding vows can seem exceptionally daunting! But worry not, approached with the right mind set, this can be a rather lovely exercise to do together.

Before I give you some tips, just know that you don’t HAVE to do this, there are many other options when you choose to have a Celebrant lead ceremony. You can certainly write your own vows, but you can also ask your Celebrant to create something which you then as a couple agree to – so very little speaking is done. This is about YOU as a couple and what you are comfortable doing.

1: Firstly, take some time out and turn of your TV. Get comfortable and have a chat together to establish that you are both on the same page. An important step, as you want to be creating the same vibe.

Think about what this looks like, are they going to be witty or funny? Meaningful and romantic? What suits you BOTH in terms of a style.

2: Next, take some time to think about how you are going to say them, do you want the Celebrant to take the lead? do you want to read from a card? Do you want to keep them as a surprise from your other half? [Don’t worry, I will look over them before the day to make sure they are the same style! You wouldn’t want one to be super funny and the other to be really soppy – cringe!]

3: Don’t feel you need to write an essay on the meaning of love, some of the most beautiful ones are simple. Don’t discount the ‘normal’ things – your partner making you a cup of tea every morning or running you a bath. Also remember whilst writing that you are going to be saying these in front of family and friends, so make sure you are comfortable.

4: Begin noting down the things that come up, do this in a ‘Word’ format – are the words you come up with the same? Discuss this between you and keep on noting the words down as you think about your relationship.

5: At this point I would take a break and come back to it another time so that you give yourself some time to reflect, and you can then start to formulate your vows!

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