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Why Have a Celebrant Ceremony?

This is a subject that I am hugely passionate about as I believe creating ceremonies full of love and that reflect you as a couple. I think it’s lovely to have a ceremony with someone that you know and not someone that you have just met 5 minutes before. As your UK celebrant, who has been in the industry since 2017, I am a big champion of the celebrant ceremony and am even having one for my own wedding!

There are a few main reasons that people choose a celebrant ceremony.

Flexibility: You have complete freedom in where and how you have your ceremony. You can have it on a hill top, in your own garden, on the beach, in a forest glade. You can have it as dawn, dusk or midnight. I think this on its own is a fabulous reason!

Bespoke: The ceremonies are written especially for the couples/families – there are no ‘templates’ used here. So, you get a fully personalised ceremony which will delight your friends and family as well!

Break the Rules: This is what is SO EXCITING! So many people ask, ‘how long is a celebrant service’ the answer is ‘It’s entirely up to you!’ how its run, what’s said, what readings, music – I cannot express anymore that you can do WHATEVER you like!!!

Personal: This is the lovely part of it all, we get to know each other and become friends, you do not need to worry about nerves as I will know you and be there to support you on the day. It also means there are no tick boxes to choose vows and I can recommend reading to suit your style and ideas for your ceremony that are completely personal to you.

What are the negatives?

Ok, so the glaringly obvious one is that it’s not legal. At the end of the day, you are not obliged to make it legal, but if it is something that you want; think of it like this:

When someone is born you don’t celebrate the day you went down to the registry office and signed the register, do you?

I am not my any means belittling the legal part of marriage, but surely, it’s more relevant to be focussed on the meaningful vows and promises that you are making in earnest?

The legal aspect involves several passages that you are required by law to say to each other in front of the registrar in a licensed building, with two witnesses. The vows, promises, exchange of the rings is all part of the ceremony – which is the bit that you can do elsewhere with an independent celebrant.

I truly believe that this is the way that ceremonies will go in the future, if you are not keen to have a ceremony in the church, this is the perfect modern way.

Do get in touch if you would like to discuss in more detail.

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