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  • What is an Independant Celebrant?
    A celebrant is someone that creates a unique, bespoke ceremony written just for you. This is not to be confused with a registrar who is the person that can legally marry you. Using a celebrant means that you can have a ceremony anywhere, anytime that you like with whatever format you choose. I am an independant celebrant, which means that you can include any elements that you wish to.
  • Is it legally binding?
    No. If you should wish to legalise your marriage, then you can do so at the registry office prior to the wedding. There are lines you must speak that are required by law for you to become legally wed, but you do not have to say promises or exchange the rings. You will need 2 witnesses to attend with you. Go to your local councils website for more information as there is usually only set times that you can go.
  • Why would I choose a Celebrant led ceremony?
    Everyone has their own unique story, so why not have a unique ceremony. There are no restrictions at all, you could have it down the woods at twilight, on the beach at sunrise - literally however and wherever you wish.
  • How long is a Celebrant led ceremony?
    However long you would like it to be! Depending on the format that you choose, it can be short and sweet, or longer with readings and music.
  • Do you offer same sex ceremonies?
    Of course! I am honoured to be able to offer my services to all couples.
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