Outside Is Most Probably

Where You Will Find Me......

It's my inspiration and where I feed my creativity to craft beautiful bespoke ceremonies. Its my  stimulation and my peace; invigorating, yet relaxing

I started off my career as a professional singer, dancer, and actress and still have a passion for performing (the singing celebrant anyone??!) I have been in the wedding  industry since 2012 as a planner and  I trained to be a celebrant in January 2018. I have quite simply fallen in love with it. I consider it a huge honour and privilege to be an integral part of your day.

As a person I am bubbly, fun and confident and I am always on hand with an empathetic ear. I am known in my circle of friends as 'the kind one' (could be so much worse, right?!) I am pretty much always smiling.......

A little more about me

  • I had a record deal in 1997 with  my girl band. I was featured in Mizz magazine (I still have it if you want a peek!)

  • I am slightly obsessed with aubergines, cheese and anchovies. I eat them all together and some people say that's weird.....(sounds a bit disgusting now that i have written it down!)

  • I am a big animal lover; cats, dogs, horses...fluffy things make me very happy!

  • I have a phobia of birds...ok....not birds, PIGEONS!! They are just way too flappy and need to learn personal boundaries! I have been known to hide behind small children.....

  • I used to have a crush on Gary Barlow waayyy before anyone else jumped on the wagon

  • I mostly make my gifts and cards for people - I just ADORE giving presents!

  • I'm a massive  book worm.....I love a good physiological thriller but I also like to read about history, I like to know the the stories behind everything!


I choreograph fresh, modern ceremonies which flow beautifully and are a real reflection of you as a couple. I specialise in elopement and destination ceremonies, both in the UK and abroad. 

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